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Tennis stats engine

Just found a tennis stats engine – TennisAbstract.com. You can search for a player, or it has reports like:

  • ATP Stats Leaderboard: And they say tennis has an analytics problem.
  • ATP H2H Matrix: Head-to-head records of the ATP top 15.
  • ATP Rankings reports: Age groups | Countries | Lefties
  • ATP Rankings: All 2000+ players with at least one ranking point.
  • ATP Player Consistency: Who has surprised us the most, and the most often.
  • The Best ATP Players Who…:  haven’t won titles, reached main draws, and more.

Am looking forward to having a play!

Tennis stats

Unlike some sports, most notably cricket, tennis is poorly served* by both commentators** (how often does a tennis commentator tell you something that isn’t obvious?) and stats, but the latter’s improved somewhat with a couple of interesting stat resources I’ve recently found.

The first is Tennis rivalries on Wikipedia. This shows head-to-head scores for the main rivalries in tennis history, demonstrating how unprecedented Federer’s dominance is of many of his contemporaries (24 Grand Slam matches against Hewitt, Roddick, Murray & Davydenko, no losses yet), Nadal being the great exception of course.

You also reflect that although Murray’s been exceptionally unlucky to face Federer (3 times) and Djokovic (once) in his four losing Slam finals, there were a lot of good players around in earlier eras too. Mind you, the three current greats all had a much easier time winning their first slam final, doing it against Philippoussis (Federer), Mariano Puerta (Nadal) and Tsonga (Djokovic).

Then there’s the FedEx ATP Reliability Index. This shows amongst many other things (go play around) that Borg tops the all-time, all-surface Slam winning match % list at 89.8%, with Nadal (87.7%) and Federer (87.1%) currently in the next two slots. Murray (77.5%) is by far the highest of those who haven’t won a Slam.

*no pun intended
** Wilander the great exception