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Skeleton vs Luge (vs Bob)

I was just idly wondering which of the two suicidal winter sports, skeleton or luge, is the faster, when I chanced upon this article, which is worth a peruse, containing such snippets as:

Lugers are quick to point out how much more sophisticated their sport is. They tamper constantly with the steel composites on the blades of their sleds; they are obsessed with the geometry of the runners, the parallels and degrees and millimeters. Their sport is riddled with espionage; luger Thorpe says his room has been broken into on more than one occasion by rival coaches seeking to take the top-secret measurements of his sled.

“You see lots of skeleton people cross over to luge,” says Thorpe. “But you almost never see luge people go back to skeleton. It’s a control issue.”

This forum thread actually discusses speeds, and suggests luge has it over skeleton, but bob is the fastest of all. At some point I might research this properly 😉