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Subscribe to Slower Ball!


To subscribe to Slower Ball:

  1. click on the Leave a Comment link at the end of this (or any other posting)
  2. add your name and email to the respective fields
  3. in the Comment field you can put what you want, but I suggest “Subscribing” or similar
  4. tick the 2nd checkbox (ie subscribe to the blog, not this comment thread)
  5. click the button “Post my Comment”
  6. confirm your subscription via the link in the follow-up email you’ll receive

This follow-up mail also gives you options to control when you receive further notifications of activity on the blog (options: immediately, once a day, once a week).

Go for it! 🙂

Welcome to Slower Ball

Welcome to the Slower Ball blog, named for the cricket delivery but intended as a discussion forum for all sport.