An interview with Dean Headley

Many excellent quotes from this article, some of which I copy below.

An interview with Dean Headley
‘It burnt to be told I didn’t have the heart to play as a bowler’. Former fast bowler Dean Headley recalls good and bad days with England, his heritage, and the time he bounced Allan Donald and lived to tell the tale
Interview by Scott Oliver
March 18, 2014

  • I got woken up in the West Indies after a night where I’d commiserated myself with a bit of Jack Daniel’s. The media officer said, “Dean, the press guys want to do an interview with you.” “What about?” “Well, Bumble’s come out and said the reason why we lost the Test match was because of you and Caddick.” I said, “Oh, that’s good. And we haven’t even had a team meeting yet…” So John Etheridge [of the Sun] was sat in a chair by the pool at the hotel, leading the questions. He’s got a bit of a stutter, and I knew that every time he had to say something controversial he was going to stutter. He’s gone, “So, h-h-have you got any comments?” “About what?” He said, “Well, erm, ob-obviously you lost the Test match.” “Yeah, I know that.” “And, erm, with Bumble…” “John, get to the point.” “Well, Bumble’s come out and said that you and Caddick were the reason England lost.” I said, “Why do you think he came out and said that?” “Well,” he said, “when we asked him he said you didn’t bowl very well.” And I went: “He’s right. I didn’t.” “Have you got any m-more comments?” “Well, no. You’ve just told me the coach has said we lost the Test match because Headley and Caddick didn’t bowl well. I can’t answer for Caddick but I can certainly answer for me. I didn’t play very well.” End of interview. Caddick, on the other hand, said, “Well, I disagree with him. I think I only bowled four bad balls in the whole Test match.”
  • Goughie and I played in five Test matches together and got 53 wickets between us. He epitomised, to me, what you need to do as a bowler. Yes, things might not go your way, but you never, ever give up on anything.
  • I kept an eye on the speed gun a little bit, mainly as a barometer to see whether I had to put in more effort. Goughie wouldn’t bowl a slower ball in Australia because it’d bring down his average speed.
  • Lara was the best I’ve seen.
  • Michael Vaughan said that if we’d have got a draw against that Aussie team in 1998-99 – which, barring that Slater run-out in Sydney, we would have done – then he believes that would have been bigger than 2005.
  • Angus Fraser said: “Look, most people take a wicket every 60 balls. So if you go at four and a half an over, you’ll average 45. If you go at 2 an over, you’ll average 20. Your career won’t depend on your good days. It will depend on whether you can make your shit day a little bit less than shit, your average day a little bit better than average, and your quite good day a little bit better than quite good.”
  • People talk about whether we competed with Australia in the ’90s. I think we did. Steve Waugh said it: “England are a far better side than what they believe.” I can go through every Test I played against Australia and dropped catches will be massive. But we never, ever talked about it.
  • Hicky and Ramps were probably the best two English batsmen I bowled at.
  • Carl Hooper was an underachiever at international level, but if you said to me that there’s a game of cricket on tomorrow and Carl Hooper’s going to get 80, I’d pay money to see that. I remember us playing against Saqlain Mushtaq at The Oval – the Surrey boys still talk about it. Everyone was mesmerised. Hooper played him as though he was a schoolboy offspinner. He got 200 against Wasim Akram, who was bowling ridiculously quick at the time, swinging it both ways, and everybody else was struggling. Three overs after going in, he calls to the pavilion. He always batted in a jumper and we just thought, “Oh, he’s going to take his jumper off”. He took his thigh pad off. He batted against Wasim Akram without a thigh pad, because he had really massive thighs and his gloves were catching and he didn’t like it. He got hit all right. Just didn’t flinch. If Wasim hit me, I wouldn’t walk for a month.
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  • Nim  On May 28, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    I really, really hope that this quote – Goughie wouldn’t bowl a slower ball in Australia because it’d bring down his average speed – isn’t true, because if it is, Goughie is a bigger twat than I suspected…

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