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Brian Moore on rugby

Brian Moore is my favourite Union TV commentator, with his trenchant opinions, Yorkie “it’s a bloody spade” attitude, and deep knowledge, especially of the scrum (where frankly I’m lost).

I thoroughly recommend his autobiography, and his Desert Island Discs episode is probably the best I’ve heard. He’s a very unusual and honest guy, with a mixed background (he is, for example, a qualified nail technician) and lots of good stories.

I include a snippet from a recent article below – because it made me laugh.


England 29 Wales 18: Triple Crowns don’t mean anything – only Six Nations titles and Grand Slams count
by Brian Moore
09 Mar 2014

Though you would need a heart of stone not to feel for Scotland, you would also need a similar brain not to understand they were, again, largely the authors of their loss.

Trott on exhaustion and Mitchell Johnson

Interesting interview with Trott, whose ‘stress-related condition’ that led to him to leave England’s disastrous Ashes tour now seems to have been exhaustion, rather than clinical depression.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview transcript where he talks about his issues with Mitchell Johnson:

Trott feared career was over
by George Dobell
March 13, 2014

Trott denied that his struggles against Mitchell Johnson’s pace were relevant to his decision to return home. “He’s a very good bowler,” Trott said. “You’ve seen lots of batsmen struggle against him. In normal circumstances I would have been fine. I’m not saying I would have scored lots of runs, but I’d have gone out there with confidence.

“But I couldn’t think. I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t stand still or watch the ball. Everything I had practised went out of the window. In those circumstances, any problem you have with your technique – and when I’m out of form I tend to fall over to the off side – is magnified and you saw me walking towards him, stepping across my stumps and trying to hit everything into the leg side. It wasn’t that I was scared or anything, it was just the result of a cluttered mind. It would have been the same against any bowler.”