Monthly Archives: October 2013

Men’s vs women’s tennis forehands

A long (27 mins) technical comparison of the top players’ forehands from the Men’s tour (ATP) and the Women’s (WTA). The author of the vid, Christophe Delavaut, is not the most exciting speaker, but he knows his stuff.

Fascinating parts are, for example, at 4’30”, where Nadal (flipped around to be right-handed) is superimposed on Wozniacki, so you can really see the differences clearly. At 23’00” you see the same done for Sam Stosur and Djokovic, showing the one current woman who hits it the way the men do. At 23’30” you see the now retired Henin (one of my favourite players), who also hit the men’s way, explaining how she managed to live with much bigger power players on court.

And in fact, since we mention Henin, here’s some of her practice hitting. Beautiful rhythm, and man – what a sound on contact!

Danny MacAskill – Imaginate

The incredible Danny MacAskill, Mr Parkour On A Bike.