Strauss retires from all cricket

Well, the South Africans have done it again – another England skipper quits after they visit.

Having a look through Strauss’ Test Batting record reveals him to be a consistent, if not outstanding performer. Against the strongest bowling line-ups (Australia, South Africa, probably Pakistan) he averages mid-high 30s (remember, this in an era of high batting averages), playing home/away or as captain/not doesn’t make much difference, and the only really poor figure is against Sri Lanka (22.84).

Looking at the cumulative averages, he had a great start in Tests and was still averaging 50 in his 19th Test. Then it declines all the way down to 40 (test no. 45), bounces back up to 44 before declining slowly again to his final figure of 40.91. Unlike Atherton or Stewart he finishes the right side of 40 at least, but in his era that’s not been an outstanding average.

In summary: 21 Test centuries (1 off the England record), 100 Tests, 50 as captain, 24 wins, no.1 Test spot – he can retire happy. Well done Andrew Strauss.

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