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Explaining cricket to baseball fans

You’ll find that explaining cricket to Americans or Japanese is much easier than to Europeans, because of their exposure to baseball. This site does an excellent job of getting people up to speed on cricket if they already know the New World derivative:

Cricket for baseballers

The major difference from baseball is that batters can hit in any direction. Also, the batter can run when he chooses to, not every time he hits the ball, as in baseball. He is safe as long as he protects his wickets with his bat (not his feet or hands) and makes no other errors. as long as the batter can protect his base, he is free to keep batting, and scoring, as long as he can.

Parkour in Gaza

Free Running Gaza
02 Jul 2011

Two young Palestinians embrace an art form and athletic discipline that offers an escape from life under occupation.

Three phenomenal points: Djokovic v Tsonga, 2011 Wimbledon semi-final