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Ronaldo v Messi

Messi and Ronaldo, rivals in greatness
26 November 2010

Courtesy of Infostrada Sports, here are the pair’s breathtaking goal tallies in black and white:

Lionel Messi:
– 22 goals in 17 games for Barcelona this season
– 54 goals in 48 games for Barcelona in 2010
– Has scored in nine consecutive games for Barca
– In last five seasons (this season last), has scored: 17, 16, 38, 47, 22

Cristiano Ronaldo:
– 16 goals in 18 games for Real Madrid this season
– 38 goals in 42 games for Real Madrid in 2010
– Has scored 14 goals in 12 La Liga games this term
– In last five seasons (first three with Man Utd), has scored: 23, 42, 26, 33, 18

Chalk and cheese they may well be, but in the prolific way they find the net these men – who rarely play as out-and-out strikers – do at least have something in common. And according to the University of Coruna’s study, that’s not all. They also believe Messi and Ronaldo to be the two fastest players in the history of the game in terms of running with the ball.


Study reveals few surprises

A comparative study of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi carried out by A Coruña University’s Faculty of Sports Science has concluded that the Real Madrid player is more of an individualist since he is playing in a new league this season for a team in transition.

The results of the survey reported in the Portuguese sports daily A Bola show that both are key players for their respective clubs and are technically good, fast and intelligent players. Wow. Bet you never knew any of that. However, the claim that both are the fastest players in the history of the game may come as more of a surprise. How they gauge this and how many players the department have analysed is anybody’s guess.

Messi has the edge in terms of accuracy of passing with 54% against Ronaldo’s 48%. The little Argentine also completes 72% of his dribbling manoeuvres successfully while the Portuguese winger’s figure is only 59%. However the Portuguese player’s free kicks are more powerful, reaching speeds of up to 119kmph while Messi can only manage 95kmph. A researcher from the university claimed it was difficult to find weaknesses in their game and although the players will know best what these are it was not the purpose of the study.

Djokovic the impressionist

Federer loves cricket

Truly he is the perfect human being.


South African mum the responsible party.

Should Dan Carter play England on his own?

An amusing & scarcely believable stat from the build-up to yesterday’s England v NZ rugby match at Twickenham – Dan Carter on his own had comfortably outscored the whole England team in previous games he’d played against them:

Dan Carter has scored 151 points in his eight Tests against England. In those matches the average score is Carter 18.87, England 12

In the event Carter scored 16 points, equalling England, inspiring the hope that the 15 men in white might one day combine to edge out the one guy in black.

ESPNcricinfo all-time World Cricket XI

Decent side… The only obvious omission is the greatest bowler of all time, one of only three “must picks” in any all-time XI.

ESPNcricinfo all-time World XI

  1. Sir Jack Hobbs
  2. Sir Leonard Hutton
  3. Sir Donald Bradman
  4. Sir Viv Richards
  5. Sachin Tendulkar
  6. Sir Garry Sobers
  7. Adam Gilchrist
  8. Wasim Akram
  9. Shane Warne
  10. Malcolm Marshall
  11. Dennis Lillee

The Second XI: Sunil Gavaskar, Barry Richards, George Headley, Brian Lara, Wally Hammond, Imran Khan, Alan Knott, Bill O’Reilly, Fred Trueman, Muttiah Muralitharan, SF Barnes

Readers’ XI: Sunil Gavaskar, Virender Sehwag, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Garry Sobers, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, Muttiah Muralitharan, Glenn McGrath