Skeleton vs Luge (vs Bob)

I was just idly wondering which of the two suicidal winter sports, skeleton or luge, is the faster, when I chanced upon this article, which is worth a peruse, containing such snippets as:

Lugers are quick to point out how much more sophisticated their sport is. They tamper constantly with the steel composites on the blades of their sleds; they are obsessed with the geometry of the runners, the parallels and degrees and millimeters. Their sport is riddled with espionage; luger Thorpe says his room has been broken into on more than one occasion by rival coaches seeking to take the top-secret measurements of his sled.

“You see lots of skeleton people cross over to luge,” says Thorpe. “But you almost never see luge people go back to skeleton. It’s a control issue.”

This forum thread actually discusses speeds, and suggests luge has it over skeleton, but bob is the fastest of all. At some point I might research this properly 😉

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  • Rick Joshua  On December 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    The difference is based in the main on the weight of the sled and the competitor. The heavier the sled, the faster it will go down the Bahn – everything else being equal of course. The skeleton is the lightest sled, so it follows that it will be slightly slower than the luge, which would in turn be slower than the two-man and then four-man bob.

    This is why you may occasionally see lugers carrying extra weight and why Georg Hackl was so good – it’s the Bavarian diet that done it!

    Of course, the other factor is the initial momentum earned at the start.

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