This is not how to run between the wickets

Great anecdote from Anand Ramachandran:

[F]ormer cricketer and uncrowned grandfather of mixed metaphors Navjot Singh Sidhu has finally revealed the true reason for his tendency to get run out, which once sparked a row between him and then skipper Mohammad Azharuddin.

“You have to realise that most of the time I was batting with K Srikkanth and Ravi Shastri. So the calling was a total disaster,” said Sidhu. “When the simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are replaced with ‘This is what the doctor ordered, Sherry, let’s add to the total’, or ‘No, don’t run, my dear friend, I think that’s totally suicidal. I think we better not run, my dear friend. Rukh jao, Sherry bhai’, it doesn’t quite make for quick running. Run-outs are bound to happen.”

Sidhu also sportingly refused to blame it all on his former batting partners. “I was equally bad. I once called for a brace by telling Srikkanth, ‘It’s a happy day for the gander and the goose, when good running converts ones into twos.’ Needless to say, Cheeka was duly run out. We never realised that the precious seconds we were wasting on calling could actually be spent gaining ground between the wickets” he said, explaining a great deal more than he intended.

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